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Original Contemporary Art

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Dreams Come Ture


Colorful Memories


I am Ayah Alkasssb, an emerging self-taught abstract artist who creates impressionistic expressive artworks.

I create art that helps you find inner peace. My purpose is to make art that invites you to meditate on the beauty and harmony of nature, which helps in living a harmonious and peaceful life that is in tune with the world around you.


My paintings have depth and obscurity, reflecting my belief in the unknown and the other life.

I paint because I believe in the soft power of love, and I want to rediscover the beauty of this world, find inner peace, and express myself and my emotions gorgeously and shamelessly.


If you want to add a touch of beauty and positive energy to your home or workplace, Ayah Alkassab Art shop is your place.


Click here to shop luxurious contemporary paintings that can bring great vibes to your space.   



Ayah Alkassab Art

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